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How to Boost Your Self Confidence | The quick Guide

We all are aware of self confidence but very few are able to enjoy it in routine life. Because of a lack of self confidence, many of us couldn’t live up to their fullest. Sometimes in our mind question props –

What is the distinguishable quality among all the successful people?

The answer narrows to one conclusion that they are very much confident about their action, their abilities, decision, thinking and their every single part what they do. Their thinking is somewhat like, “Yes! I am doing this and this will bring me a right result.” In other words, they are loaded with a lot of self confidence.

Self confidence is the essential part of humanity moreover it is all depending upon our thoughts and thinking.

In one word, self-confidence is simply believing in oneself.

The most dangerous enemy for oneself is lack of self-confidence. There are many kinds of fear; some are tiny while some are big.

Getting rejected is one of the biggest fears that most of us face. Fear comes with the question that can I do that? Did people hear me what I say? Am I right or wrong? What are people think about me when I am on the stage? So many kinds of fears we thought.

But I strongly feel that rejection is the first step to have a lot of self confidence. Because when you are rejected then you find better ways to achieve reinventing true capabilities and in turn developing self confidence. Here are some ways to boost your self confidence: –

Face your fear: Best way to develop self confidence

Everyone knows his/her fear. Fear is kind of negativity. List different factors of fear on a page to work on it. This is one of the proven ways to overcome fear. After all, fear comes from our own thoughts, it is our mindset. So best remedy is turning your thoughts into positive ways.

For example, if you have a stage-fear and think that you can’t do this ever, then this fear becomes your limit. What should you do to overcome this limit? It’s easy. Think in a positive way like- I can do this, I can stand in front of people, why am not able to do this if many others can do it? These positive sentences continuously said to oneself make feel oneself more comfortable to achieve self confidence.

Check out your Body language

This is about a smiling face, eye contact, posture. Smiling not only makes you feel better but also makes others feel more comfortable around you. If you are talking with smiling face then you are making the environment more positive in turn more confidence. Keeping eye contact with the person you are speaking, shows your confidence. These techniques can be easily developed by practicing in front of a mirror and working  hard and harder.

Set Small Goals and achieve them for better self confidence

Set small goals that you can achieve in immediate future. It is a good practice to split up the actions for the final goal into monthly, weekly or daily targets. The feeling of achieving any goal or target that may be small or big, is monumental. And the repeatedly achieving the completion of set goals makes oneself more confident. There are many inherent benefits that come along with self confidence like self worth, more happiness and enjoyment, freedom from self doubts, peace of mind and less stress. Moreover, candidates with good self confidence have more probability to crack the interviews.

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Confidence comes naturally with success but success comes only to those who are confident.” It is well said-

“Confidence and hard-work is the best medicine to kill the disease called failure.” – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

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