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Electromagnetics is revolving around Maxwell’s equations. All over the subject, we deal with Electric field, Magnetic field, EM wave propagation,
wave along the transmission line, etc. that means plenty of vectors and their functions along with space locations.

So any student must have the complete knowledge of representation of any point or vector in the space using a suitable COORDINATE SYSTEM. So very first basic concept for EMT is Coordinate Systems. In Electromagnetics, we use THREE different types of coordinate systems viz. Cartesian, Cylindrical, and Spherical. If you get enough confidence in these coordinate systems, I bet, you will study EMT with spontaneous interest.

This “Ultimate Visual e-Book” is for Cartesian Coordinate System.

It will take you though all the concepts of “Cartesian Coordinates” that are needed for GATE and ESE but through visual approach that you will enjoy a lot.

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