The Right Gate is an online learning platform providing a variety of e-learning resources for GATE, ESE and NET.

What are the Courses?

Course is an entity which provides the best possible learning resources for the said topic. It may consist of Video and/or textual material.

What is a Live Event?

Live event is also a particular course executed in real time on online platforms or physically in the mentioned city.

IS it free?

The Right Gate provides quality resources at reasonable prices. But many of the resources can be free for a promotional period.

COVID-19 and The Right Gate

Due to outreach of COVID-19, many network providing servers are affected leading to network and data fluctuations. The slow internet connectivity (less than optimal) triggers error in streaming our content.
Following types of errors you may experience along with long loading time and buffer time.

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In this worst time of pandemic all of us are hoping for best and so do us. So in these days of slowdown, we suggest you to ensure your network speed enough for video content by following process.

Search “speedtest” on Google. Following results would appear.

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Run Speed Test powered by Google at the top of results. After running test check out the result window for your internet. It would appear as follows:

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Here you will get general idea of your network speed whether it is optimal for video content or not.

Our video streaming requires basic download speed around 1 Mbps which is common in 4G networks. We also recommend you that find your best time in your region of better internet connectivity and lean on that particular time. For example in early morning most of the networks speeds are good.

Hoping to get out of COVID-19 soon. Stay safe. Happy learning


Most frequent questions and answers

What is “Overview”?

It gives you the complete information of the course. What are the contents? What is the duration of course? Who should take the course? These are the general questions that are answered by the overview of the particular course.

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Overview in Desktop-Web
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Overview Mobile-Web


It is just like lessons in the Book. It will give you detailed content of the course.

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Curriculum Desktop-Web
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Curriculum Mobile-Web


It may be because you have not bought the course. Few lessons are public and visible to all the visitors but to avail all the lessons you must by the course.

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How can I edit the masks ?

You will need Photoshop preferably version CS6 and newer.