Question Paper GATE EC 1990 Electromagnetics

GATE EC 1990 Electromagnetics Solution

Question Paper GATE EC 1990 Electromagnetics

Which of the following field equation indicate that the free magnetic charge do not exist

a) \overrightarrow H=\frac1\mu\nabla\times\overrightarrow A

b) \overrightarrow H=\oint\frac{I\overrightarrow{dl}\times\overrightarrow R}{4\pi R^2}

c) \nabla\cdot\overrightarrow H=0

d) \nabla\times\overrightarrow H=\overrightarrow J

Ans- c)


Free magnetic charge i.e monopole can not exist; always we have magnetic diapole. According to the Gauss’s law for magnetic fields.

\oint\limits_s\overrightarrow B\cdot\overrightarrow{ds}=0 \begin{array}{l}\nabla\cdot\overrightarrow B=0\\\\\nabla\cdot\mu\overrightarrow H=0\\\\\mu\nabla\cdot\overrightarrow H=0\\\\\nabla\cdot\overrightarrow H=0\end{array}

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