Past GATE Paper 2009 EC Electromagnetic Question's Solution

GATE EC 2009 Electromagnetics Solution

Past GATE Paper 2009 EC Electromagnetic Question's Solution

If a vector field \overrightarrow V is related to another vector field \overrightarrow A through \overrightarrow V=\nabla\times\overrightarrow A Which of the following is true? Note: C and SC refer to any closed counter and any surface whose boundary is C.

a) \oint_C\overrightarrow V\cdot\overrightarrow{dl}=\int\limits_{S_C}\int\overrightarrow A\cdot\overrightarrow{ds}

b) \oint_C\overrightarrow A\cdot\overrightarrow{dl}=\int\limits_{S_C}\int\overrightarrow V\cdot\overrightarrow{ds}

c) \oint_C\nabla\times\overrightarrow V\overrightarrow{dl}=\int\limits_{S_C}\int\nabla\times\overrightarrow A\cdot\overrightarrow{ds}

d)  \oint_C\nabla\times\overrightarrow A\cdot\overrightarrow{dl}=\int\limits_{S_C}\int\overrightarrow V\cdot\overrightarrow{ds}

Ans: b


Stoke’s theorem

\oint_C\overline A\cdot\overline{dl}=\iint_S\left(\nabla\times\overrightarrow A\right)\cdot\overline{ds}=\iint_S\overline V\cdot\overline{ds}

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