Random Footages of the Course - The Right Gate
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Coulomb's Law (14:16)
Electric Field (01:45:00)
Gauss's Law (43:41)
Work, Potential and Energy (01:48:26)
Field in Materials (01:39:50)
Boundary Condition Relations (01:00:54)
Poisson's and Laplace's Equations (22:12)

Random Footages of the Course

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What are the Cylindrical Coordinates of the Origin?

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What is Electric Flux Density (D) and how it is related to E?

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Gauss’s Law – An Illustrative Numerical

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Difference between “Electrical work done by the Field” and “Electrical work done on the field”.

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Why Electrical Work is independent of the Path between points?

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How to draw Electric Field graph from Potential graph?

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What is current density (J)? Its Significance and Derivation.

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What is Linear, Isotropic and Homogeneous Medium?

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What is relaxation time for Conductors and Dielectrics?

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Why is the Electric field normal to the Conductor Surface?

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